Spring Cleaning Time!
Saturday Oct 15th, 8am-1pm

It's time to go berserk in the garage, ransack the garden shed, or pull the back room apart and get rid of all the things you don't really need...

It's not that different here at the shop, and we've found hundreds of lines we're overstocked with or for whatever reason just need to move them along.

Spring Cleaning

And we've got the excitable folk from Milwaukee involved to bring us ANOTHER truck load of stock as well as their job-site boys who love to demonstrate all their toys, both new and old.
Come and check out their
NEW 18v SDS-MAX Rotary hammer
with 9ah Batteries
Of course they're also bringing along freebies and bonuses to go with your purchases, and we'll be doing
INSANE deals on all Milwaukee
12v and 18v kits & skins.

Festool Demos

Festool is also coming along, doing demonstrations of their
NEW HK55 & HK85 saws and all their other fantastic range of tools,
from Domino Machines to Rotex Sanders.
If you prefer you can chat with the Festool rep and book a time for him to bring the tools to your work site where you can see them in action.

Footy's finished, Bathhurst is over, Cricket hasn't started yet, so no excuses:
Get your backside off the couch this Saturday October 15th, 8am-1pm

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