It's Tax Time!!

Yes folks, it's come around again - June 30th is upon us.
This is your last chance to get your tax deductible purchases
And we've done our best to make it a bit easier for you
We've marked down HUNDREDS of products across the store and
we've got our Tax-Time catalogue still running too.
We're even staying open a couple of extra hours so you can squeeze it in after work -
not closing the doors until 7:30pm on June 30th ONLY,

PLUS we'll have extra giveaways, bonuses and bargains
from 4:30pm to 7:30pm just to entice you along.

There'll be bonus batteries with cordless kits, free accessories,
stupid clearance prices on selected items -
you know the kind of stuff we do here
(the major brands prohibit us from ADVERTISING those deals,
but we can do what we like in store!!

Get your backside off the couch and get your last chance bargains before the tax year ends
Open until 7:30pm only on June 30th - don't miss out!

United Tools Thomastown
294 Settlement Road
03 9464 0211

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