Thanks Everyone!!!

Our Annual Clearance Sale on Saturday, May 14th was a HUGE success!
And it's all thanks to you, our customers.
You told your friends about it, even brought some of them down to the store on the day.
We marked the products down hard, and you all spent big - enabling us to break records AGAIN.
The Eltham Cub Scouts made a few quid out of their sausage sizzle,
and it seemed like everyone had a great time.

The team all went home pretty tired, but feeling pretty proud of their efforts
(there is a hell of a lot of extra work they do to set up for this event)

We do this annually to turn over the stock and get a bit of $$ in the bank account,
so a big THANK YOU to all of you who turned up, told a friend, spent big - or all 3!!.
Now the challenge is to work out how to make next year's event even bigger...

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